Membership is now on Hivepass App

Kia ora Mountain Bike people!

Hivepass  is a membership app used by MTB clubs all around New Zealand.  Hivepass helps keep all your updates, track developments, deals and messages in one place.  Keep your digital membership card handy when you are riding at Whitehills and on shuttle days.

    If you already have the hivepass app. look for Kerikeri MTB CLub and hit "Join Now" - dont' forget to activate your account and pay a membership fee. 

    Individual $ 40  12 Months membership from the day you register.

    Family $ 50 (first 2 riders), extra children $5 each, extra adults $20​​​​​​​

    Day pass  $10

    For a family membership enter each person with a different email so they can access the app as well. Children can be entered without an email but wont have their own app. 

    Get into it!!  Do this on your phone

    Get the HIVEPASS app 

          App store link (iOS)                Google play (Android) (web)

    2 - Select Kerikeri MTB club

    3 - Signup

    4 - Click “Join Now” and enter your details

    5 – For a family, enter each person with a different email so they can access the app too

    6 – When everyone's details are in hit the payment button​​​​​​​

    We appreciate that you’ve chosen to be part of our Mountain Bike community, as it is together that we create something amazing, a network or mates and tracks that we can ride with pride long into the future.