Thanks to our support crew!!

What a priviledge it is to be part of a community where people help each other to bring their dreams to life. This year local families and businesses have helped with donations of time, equipment, materials, discounts and deals to create a new riding destination.  We couldn't do it without you.

So to everyone who has helped - Thank you! 

Please support those who support us.

Thank you Mt Pokaka for donating timber to build ALL the bridges –. and Anzor Fastenings and Bryant Roofing for the bits and pieces to hold it all together. 

Thanks to Hire Corp for amazing deals on all the days we’ve hired diggers and  Tom Harrison and Sons for helping to move them around.

Days on the digger have been sponsored by New World Kaikohe, the Huston Family,  Waipapa Glass, Prime Plumbing and Pest Control, the McGlinchy FamilyBryant Roofing, Tony Worral, Neil Cates, Jason Vokes and Thomson Survey

Thanks to Ground Effect for paying for all the hand-tools, Prime Plumbing for the toolbox, ITM and Terrain North for awesome discounts.

Auto One have pledged to sponsor maintaining the shuttle trailer.  Bunnings chipped in a few dollars for the trailer storage box, Waipapa Rotary shared proceeds of the Adventure Film Festival and MTB Direct drip-fed a few dollars every now and then when you bought stuff. 

Thank you Summit and PF Olsens for allowing us to play in your forests.  

Hunter Cycles came up with some awesome prizes for the TWIN PEAKS Enduro and even talked Leatt into donating some very special goodies to give away.  Gracias!! 

Pub Charity kindly offered to help with costs taking our young riders away, but alas the event was cancelled and we returned it. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!!