Track Building and Maintenance 

Making and maintaining tracks are significant club activities. Without tracks there is no riding. Days and nights on the tools have resulted in a growing network of hand-crafted  and machine made tracks.  

Got an idea for something new? or want to run a working bee to sharpen up your favourite ride -

Let us know! 

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Why ?

Kerikeri MTB Club is committed to developing a variety of accessible tracks! 

With our tracks in busy forests with active forestry, it is essential to coordinate with stakeholders to ensure safety and preserve sensitive ecology and historic sites.

The Club aims to keep forest managers informed about any new tracks BEFORE we start work on them.

Check out some track building and grading tips

NZ MTB Track Design and Construction Guide

Tracks are named in negotaition with track- builders and in line with Trailforks Policy  

"The appropriateness of a trail name is decided by the local Trail Association. That said, it is not appropriate for trail names to include racial or ethnic slurs, and/or derogatory language towards specific genders or sexual orientations."


Toby Riding Yellow Pants  - Thanks to Micheal Mitchell​​​​​​​